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Anil Bhargava

Born on 10 th September 1948 at Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Prof. Anil Bhargava, Passed M. Sc. (Zoology) Exam. From Rajasthan University, Jaipur and then served as Lecturer, Vice Principal and Principal in different Government Colleges in Rajasthan. Several articles and books on the subjects like Environment Management, Pollution Control and Disaster Management, written by Prof. Bhargava, have been published.

In addition to these, he has also authored many books dedicated to Bollywood Music. Some of these are mentioned below

1.) Hindi Film Sangeet : 75 Varshon Ka Safar and Geetmala Ka Safar , related with film music.

2.) Binaca Geetmala Ka Sureela Safar : Dedicated to the first radio countdown show of Indian Hindi film songs Binaca Geetmala.

3.) Swaron Ki Yatra : Encyclopedia of playback singers of Hindi films since 1931, the year of beginning of talkie movies.

4.) Hindi Filmon ke Geetkar : The book is related to the lyricists who penned the memorable songs in hindi movies.

5.) Hindi Cinema – Sadi ka Safar : Year wise Complete History of Hindi Cinema since 1913 to 2012.

6). Bhartiya Cinemas Ka Itihaas : This book is related to the history of Indian films. It includes the history of hindi and more than 60 regional languages films produced in India.

7). Sadi Ki Sau Sarvshreshta Filmein : This book has collection of 100 best movies of Indian Cinema. These books are selected from different sources and are sorted on the basis of many factors like historical importance, social values and literature.

8). Bhartiya Cinemas ka Itihaas : The book contains full information about the history of Indian cinema from 1896 to 2015. The book deals firstly with Hindi films since the history of Hindi films is as old as Indian films.  The illustrations in the book give all the information about Hindi films which are helpful in the understanding of the development of Indian cinema such as the environment of that period, situations, tendencies, changes occurring during the development, technical development, changes in the interest of audience and creation of rules related to government control etc.

9). Radio Cylon – Tab Se Ab Tak : * A book that takes you down memory lane. * Whatever you want to know about radio ceylon can be found in this book * It contents well documented history of radio ceylon. * It gives details about various programmes aired on radio ceylon station. * The book also taks about the legentary announcers of radio ceylon. * It critically views the station reaching great heights & its decline after 1980s * It discusses its strengts in golden days & its short comings in changing broadcasting scenario. * The cover of the book shows old building of the radio station while its back cover depicts new building. * The book chronicles the advent of broadcasting in Srilanka. * Its includes an informative article written by well known announcer Sh. Ameen Sayani ji.

10). Vishwa Cinema ka Itihas : Comming Soon

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  1. Sachin says:

    “Hindi Filmon ke Geetkar” Book Vimochan by Sayeed Quadri video on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NuTbLVcMdk

    Nice book…….

  2. Dr. Razia Rustam Patel says:

    We can help you to make your books into e books and put them up in the international market so people all over the world can buy and enjoy them.
    Please call me 9821433644 or 022- m26360271
    Write or call and we can send you all the details.
    Best regards,

    Dr.Razia Patel

  3. Vijaylaxmi says:

    I am eager to read your new book about Radio Ceylon,
    ” Tab Se Ab Tak”
    How I can get?

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