Bhartiya Cinemas Ka Itihaas



Bhartiya Cinemas Ka Itihaas

Indian cinema is not just about Hindi cinema. All the films made in various local languages in India come under Indian cinema. India is a land of diverse religions, civilizations and beliefs. People of different religion, customs and traditions live here .Their apparel and cuisines are different. Hundreds of different languages are prevalent here, out of which films in more than sixty languages are produced locally. Films based on regional languages manifest the reality of peoples life by highlighting their family and social background and its issues. The Indian film industry has moved through several stages of extension thereafter and ventured into production of regional language movies.

Thus, to know about the detailed information of Bhartiya Cinema, the study of regional language films is indispensable. This book has been composed keeping this objective in view. The book contains full information about the history of Indian cinema from 1896 to2015. The book deals firstly with Hindi films since the history of Hindi films is as old as Indian films. Most of the regional films were produced later. The illustrations in the book give all the information about Hindi films which are helpful in the understanding of the development of Indian cinema such as the environment of that period, situations, tendencies, changes occurring during the development, technical development, changes in the interest of audience and creation of rules related to government control etc.  Thus, we get a glimpse, if not the whole, of Hindi films and the information of regional films that constitute the entirety of Indian cinema. The multilingual Indian films serve as a Kaleidoscope where multifarious reflected designs and colored pattern emerge as we get while turning it. The book has been aptly titled Bhartiya Cinema ka Itihasbecause of the inclusion of the history of regional language films as well. The reader gets the whole scenario of Hindi and regional movies at one place. With the inclusion of even two or three regional films made so far in certain languages in the book, the reader living in any territory of India gets the information about the linguistic history and development of films made on his region. The Indian film industry has witnessed certain notable changes over the past several years. From the first screening of cinema in India to 1913 when the making of first Silent feature Film was produced by an Indian totally made with indigenous resources. By the year 1930 only salient feature films were made. The silent era came to an end when the year 1931 marked the beginning of the Talkie era. From then onwards films were clearly disguised on the basis of their language. This division is also mentioned in this book.

Thus the book deals with the description of Hindi films with the information of the changes and development occurring in the film industry and the history of different regional languages films thereafter.


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